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Healthy Habits Kit

 This new kit is very quickly replacing the Home Essentials Kit as many doTERRA leaders favorite starter kits. I myself have been calling this kit the best of the best, and such a great way to jumpstart the doTERRA lifetsyle.  This kit includes the Lifelong Vitality Supplements, a trio of supplements to support everything from energy to sleep to immunity to better skin, better hair better nails better mood and so much more.  DoTERRA's best selling product month after month since it launched, the LLV is a game changer for so many people. Along with LLV, Terrazymes (digestive enzymes) - so that we better absorb, digest, and eliminate what we eat, PB Assist- a unique pre and pro-biotic specially formulated to actually survive the stomach acid and go where its needed, the INCREDIBLE Deep Blue Rub, with a cult like following and being used in he locker rooms of professional sports teams around the country, and then five top oils:

Frankincense- cellular renewal, sleep, anxious feelings

Lavender- all things calming, powerful antihistamine, soothing for sunburns, bug bites, sleep, and mild enough to use on very young children

On Guard- famous immunity blend- to diffuse, use topically, or even take internally to protect against environmental threats

Balance- the grounding blend, my personal 'gateway' drug to doTERRA, i know hundreds of people who use this daily

Lemon- all things cleansing. Take in water for digestive, respiratory, and metabolic support, use it to clean your home the non-toxic way, and diffuse for an immediate mood boost and mental clarity.

I love this kit!!!